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What is passion? Most people tell you its something you have or you have not. I think, its the ability to open up your deepest inner side, the need to create - to communicate in ways just a few people understand. To acccept this is you, this is how you are. To make others feel your shit, the ability to dont be scared this will hurt you. The respect to do it carefully. Passion is believe in something that is really important to you, something you need to do, to feel complete. Its faith in something that can give you shelter. Passion is the motivation to wanna pay the price it costs. Passion is the continuity to understand that it need to be feed every day. Passion is patience to understand that every mistake is just the ability to get better and that nothing is perfect. I feel like this about what I do day in day out.

I‘m so greatful for that I was thinking how to give back somthing to this untouchable thing that surrounds me. I dont know how many copys of work l saw over the years how many jump on this style a few people develeoped and build there carrer with it. Honestly in the beginning, I wasn‘t happy about that now I feel like it‘s the greatest give back to my passion. I changed my view about that cause I realised nobody is able to take that away from me and inspiring others is the appreciation to say thank you. The feeling to want to give something back to this that is more important to me than me is just so pure that it cant be something else but love.

So I guess in the end

passion is love.




  • Slightly oversized, not to boxy, ash grey
  • If you struggle with the size we recommend to choose one size smaller
  • Model is 165cm and wears S


  • LIQUID DEATH script on front
  • big LIQUID DEATH script on back
  • LIQUID DEATH script on wrist
  • 100% premium Cotton
  • Super heavy 500 g/m²
  • Unisex
  • Pre washed to retain perfect fit


  • Recommended to wash at 30 degrees (saves up to 40% of energy)
  • Stretch in form wet from time to time

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