• Vision zero waste

    We strictly reduce waste by recycling every piece that is not sold or scrap. Our approach is to continuous lower our consumables. It is a matter of every decision we take and as well our behaviour. Its not easy. We are not perfect. But we get better day by day. Thank you for your trust and support.

  • Keep your gear in play

    Our stuff is made to last.We believe on fair and heavy cotton and only accept recycled polyester. We work on collections with recycled cotton to lower our footprint where possible. To extend the life time of our clothes we are totally okay if you re-sell or buy our worn clothes on the internet.

  • Mission

    Plastic everywhere. That sucks.Sure, plastic is functional. But the cons are devastating. We banned plastic as shipping material, use sustainable material only, we don’t print fancy boxes or wrap our gear in it. Please find everything about our compostable shipping bags here.