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Welcome to the exciting world of fashion collaboration between RVNDM.CLV and YOUNGHEARTED.CL.

This fashion collection is not just about looking good or following the latest trend, but it is more about freedom and being true to ourselves.
The clothing line celebrates the beauty of a younghearted soul with an open mindset willing to learn, grow and experience life with love. RVNDM.CLV and YOUNGHEARTED.CL aim to break the boundaries and connect people from different walks of life through fashion.

If you are looking for a fashion line that represents your individuality and celebrates diversity, then this collaboration is for you. So, get ready to embrace your inner spirit, and join the fashion journey together with RVNDM.CLV and YOUNGHEARTED.CL.


Preshrunk 100% Premium Cotton t-shirts
Every Shirt is unique and will be selected randomly* and shipped with love 🖤made by 

  Felix Seele ( | Instagram and RVNDM® (@rvndm.clv) | Instagram

  • Front: pink Younghearted Ambigram II Print and black flockprint logo by RVNDM
  • Back: pink Der Grimm print by YNGHRTD and black RVNDM logo
  • Rough Belly free cut by hand
  • Premium Cotton 208 g/m²
  • Color and pattern may vary and will be selected randomly : )
  • Regular fit
  • Since every t-shirts are bleached by hand they can vary in pattern, color, and saturation. 


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