Felix Seele aka @Youngheartedtattoo

I‘m a 30 years old tattooartist living in Berlin, my favorite city by far.
I‘m convinced Vegan, a true believing hardcore kid and the owner of the world famous „Der Grimm Tattoo“
My career began in the end of 2013 in my hometown Erfurt.

I learned tattooing by myself cause I found no one to teach me, because they didn‘t see potential in my drawings and whatever.People try to tell me all my life what I‘m able to do, try to tell me what to do and what‘s my path. My statement in the head was always the same; „who the fuck are you to tell me that?“

The only one who can judge that is myself. So I keep goin always goin  sometimes running sometimes I regonize I need to slow down to breath to turn around look whats around me to realize where this all took me.
I take the risk to fight for my dreams with all that comes with it, all the suffer all the pain all the hate. But I overcome this shit and be at a point now where I never think I would be.

I have drawn my whole life and all I wanted was to be creative, free and do something that filles me. Tattooing is my passion, my way of life.

My style is dark, dynamic, aggressive and is based on the movement of the body. I prefer to do scripts, calligraphy mandalas , abstract and neotraditional work. I‘m sponsored by Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, Balm Tattoo, Dermalize Pro, Stencil forte and Whipe outz. I choose Younghearted as my artist name cause I feel that I never really wanna grow up and keep my inner child alive.