About: The Brand

We are a Berlin based streetwear brand which is strongly connected to Art, Hardcore Music, Veganism and our inner child. The mission is to bring fair and vegan unique apparel to our friends and family. Our designs are made by Felix Seele aka Younghearted Tattoo. We release stuff on 3 different approaches and levels. Logo and graphic apparel, unique handmade pieces and collaborations. We love to work on collabs.

We agreed on sustainability, inclusion and ethics. That helps us to decide and develop ideas. This is the reason why we don't provide a wide array of merch. Every product has to be vegan, free of plastic or at least recycled material. The supply chains have to be as short as possible. This lead us to work on our own range of shirts and hoodies. Fair made in Portugal, highest quality, 100% Bio Cotton. No additional harm. Lower foot print. Respect and Mindfulness in every step. We are by far not perfect, but we are working constantly to get better.

To all of our gang: Thank you for your consisting support. Please give feedback. We wanna hear your thoughts and ideas. To those who discovered Younghearted thank you for your interest. We hope you will love us stuff as much as we do. If you have any question, please reach out via the live chat or mail to support@dergrimm.com.

If you plan to visit us, please make an appointment and we will welcome you to our shop in Berlin.

Stay safe. Much Love,


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