Resident Artist - Danne


HI my name is Danne and i was born 1989 and raised in south Germany at the Lake of Constance. I love craftsman ship and was working as a carpenter, technical drawer, studied product design and 10 years ago I found my passion in the romantic of tattooing. When I was working as a carpenter I was building an exhibition shop for the FASHON WEEK Berlin.  After these 5 days, the shop was smashed, because its cheeper to throw it away and produce it exactly the same next year, than to set it down gently and rebuild it the next time. I was really upset with this capitalistic, industrial, hectic world and its throw away attitude. It made me search for something to stay, something romantic. At this time I got my first professional tattoos and I understood, that this is the thing I was searching for. It's honest, it's bold, and its unsellable. It stays with you for your own Illusion of infinity. For me it's pure romantic.

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